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"Hi Lee,


Just to let you know- I've quickly tried the formers in the tools and the action is nothing less than beautiful!In fact i think we owe our selves a beer!


I've not tested the surfaces but i hope to do this at some point over the next 72 hrs... it never ends!





Coronet Medical Technologies Ltd"

Apex's internal quality management system ensures complete accountability and traceability of every aspect of our manufacturing services.


All components have a vigorous 1st off inspection through all operations and a final inspection before packing.


At Apex we aim to deliver a first class service and quality products to all our customer’s requirements and exceed expectations first time, every time.


We currently have two quality projects that were working on at the the moment the 1st is to achieve accreditation for UKAS  ISO 9001/2008 management system which is very nearly in place.


Secondly we are also signatories to the SC21 programme and working towards attaining accreditation. SC21 is a continuous improvement scheme for aerospace and defence projects.


As a service we also offer full or part inspection reports, this could be  for components that need to have a full certificate of conformity or just need to have a critical dimension report.